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We have really enjoyed learning about toys this half term. We loved reading some of the Old Bear stories by Jane Hissey, as well as Tatty Ratty, Harry and the Robots and Kipper's Toybox. We were able to get creative during our Discovery Time in response to some of the stories we shared. We invented ways to help Old Bear get down from the attic and imagined our own creature for Tatty Ratty to ride to aid her on her journey home. We have looked at different ways that toys move and have had a go at making and decorating our own moving toys, many of which are now on display in the hall. We particularly enjoyed making 'flapping fish' because we were allowed to have races in the classroom! We have also had a lot of fun being toys in our dance lessons and moving in different ways! We found being puppets quite tricky because we had to work with a partner to try and mirror their movements but by the end we were very realistic!

Old and New

As part of our toys topic, we talked about toys that we play with and found that lots of us have similar toys at home. We looked at some older toys that our parents and grandparents may have played with when they were younger and compared them with our toys. We were interested to see that some toys were very similar and hadn't changed much and enjoyed looking at toys that we had never heard of before. We were lucky enough to have a history box in school, provided by the Hampshire History Service, which contained toys of varying age. We loved exploring these toys in class and guessing how old they were and were keen to find out more about how they worked.


Towards the end of this half term we celebrated Ollie's birthday. We all brought our teddies along to help us prepare a party for him and enjoy celebrating and playing lots of party games. We spoke about our own birthdays and the day we were born and made a small display of our own baby photos - who knew we could look so cute? We read the Nativity story and learnt about Jesus' birth. We really enjoyed taking part in our own Christmas production of 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel' and we loved having our family and friends coming to watch us perform. We all worked really hard to practise our songs and actions and were very proud of our final performances. In our last week, we had our Christmas lunch with our teachers and then our class christmas party, which was a lot of fun. We also visited the church with the rest of the school and Mayhill to sing some of the songs from our play and share Christmas stories. I think we are all looking forward to a relaxing break after such a busy half term!