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Dinosaur Roar!

In the first half of this term, we had a great time learning all about dinosaurs. We came back after Christmas and found a mysterious object and some footprints in our classroom and we tried to found out where they had come from and who they belonged to. We then received a letter from Mary Anning with a bone, asking us to help her discover more about all the items we had found. We then discovered that a triceratops must have come to visit and left these clues behind! We disocvered what dinosaurs would have looked like and investigated some fossils and skeletons before having a go at chalking our own. We recreated our favourite dinosaurs in lots of different ways and even had a go at collaging a class diplodocus using recycled materials. Our dinosaur topic has threaded into our dance lessons too and we have been having a lot of fun getting into character as archeologists, museum visitors and even dinosaurs! We have had the chance to read lots of lovely dinosaur stories and have enjoyed writing about them and acting some of them out.

World Book Day and Sport Relief

We have had great fun taking part in World Book Day and Sport Relief day this term. It was lovely to see all of the children dressed up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day (despite the delay due to snow!). They really enjoyed talking about their characters, why they had chosen them and drawing themselves in costume. For Sport Relief, everyone took part in a day of activities in their sports kit to raise money for a good cause. The children rolled two lengths of the school hall, skipped and hopped four lengths of the playground and last but not least, took part in a whole school run around the field. They all had a great time and really threw themselves into each activity so I'm sure they all slept well that evening! 

Multicultural week - St. Lucia

Our focus for Multicultural Week this year was the island of St. Lucia. We learnt lots of facts about St. Lucia and enjoyed lots of creative activities, making flags, passports and island inspired collages. We went on an imaginary journey to St. Lucia, inspired by what we had learnt and the story of Grandad's Island. We wrote postcards about what we had seen and done whilst we were there. We made boats to help us get to an island and then tested them to see if they were able to float, some were more successful than others but we've learnt a lot about waterproof materials through our Discovery Time! We were also lucky enough to have Jim Bernardin come and visit us to show some instruments and play some music from St. Lucia. We also got the chance to have a go at playing the steel drums and making our own Carribean music during a workshop. 


In the second half of this term, we were learning about different kinds of transport and travel in our Journeys topic. We looked carefully at cars and bikes, whilst completing our observational drawings and created our own inventions to improve a bicycle, inspired by Mrs Armitage on Wheels. We made our own boats and looked at why some materials made our boats float and others caused them to sink. We loved learning about trains and wrote about imaginary train rides to our favourite places. We even went on our very own Bear Hunt around the school grounds to see if we could catch a big one! We were also very excited to go on our first trip out of school, down to the local car garage, where we met some mechanics who showed us how they fix the cars, how to do an oil change and how they put cars up onto a ramp so they can look underneath.