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This half term our topic has been 'Explorers'.

As part of our Geography work we have been exploring Odiham. We really enjoyed our walk into the village and learnt a lot about how the buildings and land in and around Odiham are used. We have even compared what Odiham is like today to Odiham in the past. 

Exploring our school pond.

In Science we have loved being 'habitat explorers'! We have learnt so much about why animals choose to live in particular habitats and even how their bodies have adapted to live in those places. Did you know a Camel can close off it's nostrils to stop it breathing in sand and a Polar Bear has bumps on it's feet so it doesn't slip on the snow and ice? We have also loved visiting our school pond looking for animals in different micro-habitats. We think we will find most animals there in the Spring but on our Autumn hunt we found two Newts which was very exciting!

Designing and making fruit smoothies.

This half term we have been learning all about Harvest. We have looked closely at different fruits to sketch them in Art, showing light and shade, and we even drew faces made from pieces of fruit! Then we had a go at tasting different fruits. We were really surprised that we liked some unusual fruit, such as Passionfruit and Papaya. Once we had tasted these fruits we had to choose our favourites to be used in our own smoothies. We loved designing and making them, but the best part was drinking them! YUMMY!!