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Busy Times in Hazel Class!

What a thrilling half term Hazel Class have had!

Within a half term where we were learning all about the Caribbean island of St Lucia we end up having huge amounts of snow here at home! We had the chance to run around on our huge field when it was completely covered in untouched snow, it was fantastic.

We studied so much about the landscape of the gorgeous island of St Lucia, with long sandy beaches in the west and rugged coast line in the east. They even have a rainforest in the middle. We looked at the culture of the island and the business that thrives there, especially bananas and chocolate. We learnt that ‘Hotel Chocolat’ started its business there.

In English we read the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and acted out parts of the story, we also rewrote the story with our own characters in it and our own version of the wild rumpus. We produced some superb stories.

We looked at growth in science and tried to grow all sorts of seeds. We asked what a seed is and we wondered if we could grow a kidney bean from a tin, the end of a carrot or a tomato. Weirdly the kidney bean didn’t grow! When we planted the top of a carrot it grew. We also have a good tomato plant and many other successes with lots of other seeds.

All our music was about texture within sound and duration, so we played a wide variety of instruments and thought about the different sounds all the instruments can make.

For our Multicultural week we had a special visitor, Jim Bernardin the wonderful music man, who comes to see us at Buryfields every year.

This year he brought his steel drums and after holding an assembly with the whole school, where even the teachers played the steel drums, all our classes had their own workshop with Jim. We each had a go at playing the drums and also played some of the percussion and learnt a whole piece of music to play as a class which our teachers recorded and then played it to our parents at our class assembly.

Our art used lots of watercolours to show the vibrant colours of the Caribbean. To start with we had created our own version of a Kandinsky painting and then we made our silhouettes.

At the very end of the term we performed our class assembly to all our parents and friends and really enjoyed it. It has been an extremely busy spring term! We are ready for a sunny, warm summer term.