We were so lucky at the start of term to launch our Superhero topic with a visit from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. After a really interesting assembly, we all got to explore the fire engine and have a play with the hose! We learned lots of facts about fire safety and the equipment that firefighters use on a daily basis if they are called to a fire. It was a great way to learn about real life superheroes!  In Year R we problem solved in our discovery time to get an imaginary cat down from a tree. The children came up with all sorts of innovative ideas and made ladders, and hoses to help the firefighters!

Following this we started thinking about fictional Superhero characters. Our first text was Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We immersed ourselves in the characters by doing some freeze frame drama to act out dfferent parts of the story. We wanted to start using adjectives in our writing to make it more interesting so we all brainstormed lots of words to describe the characters. Supertato by Sue Hendra has also been a very popular text that has enabled us to develop our narrative writing skills. We also put 'Evil Pea' in the hotseat, a drama technique, to ask him some questions about his actions in the story.


Our PE sessions have been a lovely way to work on our class teamwork. In rugby with Mr Mannion we have learned how to pass, use our hands and score a try. He has shown us that good communication is a very important part of a team game as well as listening carefully to our friends. Our passing has become more accurate already! We have also being doing gym in the hall, practising balancing and moving in different ways using equipment such as the balance beam. We are also doing some yoga moves to increase our core strength! A highlight of every week has been the Year R 'Writedance' sessions where we get to dance and then do big shapes to music on our paper.


We all enjoyed practising for our Harvest assemblies. In Year R we learned and retold the story of Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French. Our songs all had a scarecrow theme and we enjoyed  performing to our parents and special friends. We did lots of activities relating to vegetables including finding out where and how they grow in the lead up to our performance.

In Year 1 we wrote our own Harvest poems. To help us think of super autumn and harvest words we used our senses in the school grounds. Our favourite place was the Horse Chestnut tree where we collected shiny brown conkers! In the church we recited our autumn poem with enthusiasm. It was lovely to sing lots of songs and listen to our friends perform too.