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Explorers was our topic this half term and we thoroughly enjoyed learning Robert Falcon Scott about Ranulph Fiennes. We looked how the lives and times of these explorers and whether there were any similiarities or differences. We now know that both of these explorers showed an enmormous amount of persistance to complete their expedititions and pushed themselves to the limit. During our topic we have learnt lots of interesting facts about the explorers and have produced some fantastic writing. Did you know that Ranulph Fiennes had to cut the tip of his fingers off after his sled fell through the ice and he got severe frost bite! Unfortunately, Scott died on the return from the South Pole due to cold, hunger and lack of warm clothing. We looked at how the equipment and clothing has developed since Scott died and we could identify the improvements that had been made. We made a timeline in our class to show where these two explorers fit in history and placed other significant events on our timeline as well.

Mud, mud, mud and tag rugby!

What fun we have had every Monday this half term playing in the mud! It may have been very cold some weeks but that hasn't stopped us from getting stuck into a game of rugby! The girls have been especially good at tagging and the boys have had to work extra hard to try and beat them. We have learnt how to move in different ways, play tatically, work as a team, score tries and tag each other. As the weeks have progressed our skills have developed and we have been playing mini matches against one another. Mr Mannion has commented on how well we have listened and worked as a class. We are looking forward to next half term when we learn how to play Basketball.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is always a very busy and exciting time at school. We hope you enjoyed our performance of Angel Express. We had great fun acting, learning our lines and singing all the wonderful songs. They will be stuck in our heads for some time now! Thank you for all our wonderful costumes, they made our production look great! We have enjoyed making lots of Christmas crafts to give to our loved ones and the glitter explosion has been bigger than ever!

We enjoyed our Christmas lunch on Tuesday 19th December, which we enjoyed with the other year 1 and year 2 classes. Thank you to all the lunch ladies and our teachers for serving us such a delicious plate of food! In the afternoon we got to enjoy some party games, nibbles and even a dancing contest. It was great fun! We have enjoyed having Jingle Elf with us and will be sad to see him and we will miss all the mischief he caused in our classroom. We hope he has a good report for Santa too!