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Our topic this half term has been Titanic. We have absolutely loved learning about the disaster of the Titanic sinking. We began the topic by visiting the SeaCity Museum in Southampton. Here, we had the chance to take part in a range of Titanic based activities in the educational department. We explored how to many compartments needed to be filled on an ice cube tray to sink the Titanic, we looked at different artefacts from the period of time, we organised who would get on a lifeboat during the sinking and thought about who would have priority and why and we also looked at some of the different rooms on board the ship. Some of our friends got to dress up as some of the people who were on board the ship at the time it sank. We also had a guided tour around the museum. We particularly enjoyed visiting the boiler rooms, steering the ship and resting on the top deck. Our photos show what fun we had on the day of our trip and how much information we learned.

We are artists!

In our Art lessons we created observational drawings of the Titanic. We focused on drawing the outline in pencil during our first session and then used our pencil to add shading and tones during the second session. Miss Simons was amazed by our pictures and the time we spent drawing them. We have also been studying the artist James A. Flood who created paintings of the Titanic in the harbour. We used watercolours to create a sea background and then drew another Titanic which we then coloured using pastels.


In our PE lessons this half term with Mr Mannion we have been learning how to play basketball. We began by learning the basic rules and then started learning how to dribble and pass the ball. Since then we have been playing games and practising shooting in the hoops. We are good at identifying what rules children don't follow, for example, if someone double dribbles the ball. We have also been playing a great game to see which child can bounce the ball for the longest and this has been very fun!