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Katie Morag

This half term we have been focusing on Katie Morag stories. Katie Morag is a young girl who lives on the Isle of Struay with her family in the post office. Katie can be quite a mischievious little girl and can sometimes get into trouble when she is spending time with the Big Boy Cousins. We have read a range of different stories throughout this half term and made bubble maps to describe the character, compared the two grandmothers using double bubble maps, written letters to Katie Morag from Tiresome Ted, re-labelled the parcels that she muddled up and had fun using drama to act out and explore our ideas. We used 2Paint on the laptops to paint our own pictures of Katie Morag. We have even been able to watch some of the stories on our interactive whiteboard! Some of our work is on display in our classroom so please come and have a look!

St Lucia

During our multi-cultural week we studied the caribbean island of St Lucia. We used maps to locate the island and learnt about what an island is. We then made comparisons between St Lucia and the UK and looked for similarities and differences. We developed our knowledge of how to travel to the island, things to do there, tourist attractions, the weather, how the land is used and the jobs on the island. We also enjoyed finding out about the mountains and volcano. We developed our understanding of volcanoes by carrying out a scientific experiment by using baking powder, vinegar, food colouring and soap. It was so exciting to see our volcano errupt!

We also had great fun making our own banana and chocolate chip muffins. 30% of the land in St Lucia is used to grow crops. More than half of the people who work on the island work with the banana crop in some way. Did you know that the chocolate that is sold in Hotel Chocolat comes from the plantation in St Lucia.

Jim visited us for a very exciting and engaging music session where we used a range of instruments to make our own music based on St Lucia. We had fun using the steel pan drums and enjoyed watching the teachers have a go in assembly.Jim is an excellent musician who gives us very clear instructions which we follow carefully when making our own music.

We learnt about the wildlife in St Lucia and created our own rainforest animal pictures inpsired by Mola art. We created our brightly coloured pictures using pens and coloured paper. They look really great and we are so proud of them! It took us a long time to do and we had to really concentrate. We have learnt a lot about St Lucia and it has been a really fun week at school!

Snow, Sport Relief and Kites! 

On Monday 19th March we had a very different morning at school due to the snow fall and ice. However, this didn't stop us wrapping up and going outside to play in the snow. Some of us made snow angels and some of us tried to find places on the field where no one had walked so we could make prints of our welly boots.

On Friday 23rd March we came to school wearing our favourite sports clothes and donated £1 to the Sports Relief Charity. We then took part in 4 different activities to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle. Our first activity was to roll the length of the hall then skip the length of the playground followed by jumping the length of the playground and finally an 800m run! It was great fun!

In Trailblazers we used carrier bags to make our own kites which we went out to fly on the field. This was really exciting because we had not done this before and we had the chance to design them before making them. Some of the pictures in our gallery show us flying our kites.