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Arundel Castle

On Thursday 10th May we had a very exciting trip to Arundel Castle! It was exciting for many reasons... the castle was absolutely amazing and we had a little adventure due to our extensive coach journey! Our tour guides at the castle were brilliant and we visited parts of the castle that members of the public don't get to visit. Our favourite part was seeing the Oubliette which is a secret dungeon with access only through a trapdoor in its ceiling. The last noise people would have heard would have been the slamming of the trap door, it was VERY loud!! It was really interesting to find out lots of historical facts about the castle and get answers to the many questions that we had. The gardens in the castle grounds were also stunning and provided a sense of tranquil relaxation.

Funny faces and Ipads!

We have had great fun exploring the photobooth app on the ipads. We have spent a few lessons learning how to take pictures and how to use different functions, settings and tools. This resulted in a lot of laughing and histeria from us and Miss Simons! It was great to have so much fun with our friends whilst being creative. Our gallery shows some of our funny faces, so please have a look! 

Jack and the Beanstalk

This half term our story focus has been Jack and the Beanstalk. Our story started by us having to be detectives and find out why there was a gigantic beanstalk, footprints and some beans in our classroom. We soon figured out that the Giant had been sneaking around our room. One day we received a very large letter from the Giant explaining to us how sad he felt about the things Jack had taken from him. Then magic came upon us and we turned into Jack and knew instantly that we must apologise for stealing the Giant's things. We also wrote our own versions of the story where we changed one or two elements. Please come in and have a read of our stories!