We have enjoyed watching 'Number Time' programmes and have been working with numbers 1 to 10. We use numicon to help us. We have been counting accurately and ordering numerals. 


We are getting much quicker at changing our clothes for PE! We have been travelling in different ways and know how to jump and land safely. 

Discovery Time

Discovery Time happens on Wednesdays. We had to think of how to get the (toy) cat out of the tree. There were many creative ideas. 


We have been making new friends and exploring our classrooms inside and out. We have really enjoyed building dens and sweeping up leaves in the outside area.


Writedance is helping us to develop our motor skills. We dance to music first and then draw the story on big pieces of paper.


It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents at our mask making event. Everybody made amazing masks - well done you all looked amazing! 


We made our own Supertato characters with real potatoes and have been pretending to be superheroes in the classroom. What is your super power? 

Outside learning

We use our outside area every day to learn and practise new skills. 


We talked lots about fruit and vegetables and used them to make pictures and paintings. We learnt some new songs and performed them at our Harvest Assembly.