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The children have enjoyed our toy topic and have had opportunities to listen to lots of different stories. Old Bear stories were favourites and during discovery time the children thought of ways to rescue Old Bear from the attic. They were very inventive; we had, fire engines with ladders, aeroplanes and even a flying dragon!

We were lucky yo have a history box of old toys to look at and compare. The children made observational drawings and looked at the materials used. They were fascinated to find out that teddy bears used to be stuffed with sawdust and were very hard.


It has been exciting to learn our numbers to 20. Ask your children to sing the numbertime song; they are very good at it! We have been finding one more and one fewer and have been solving addition problems. It was fun to use toy robots to make stories about and add them them together.


Our PE lessons have been fun too. In gym we learnt some basic shapes. Can you do a star, tuck, pike, straight and a straddle shape? We learnt some dance routines about toys and became jack in the boxes and robots. One day we all made 'flapping fish' and had races to flap the across the hall!