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This half term our topic has been Titanic and we have all completely loved it! We have had a lot of fun this half term and been totally engrossed in our history based topic. We began the term by visiting the Sea City Museum in Southampton where we got to really experience life on board the luxurious ship. We had a fantastic day completing workshops, dressing up, having a guided tour and we even got to steer the ship and stoke the engines. We were then able to bring back our new found knowledge to the classroom and apply it to our work.

In art we look at James A Flood’s painting of Titanic in the harbour. We then attempted to have a go at sketching the Titanic ourselves thinking carefully about the size and shape of the ship. We spent a long time looking closely at the detail to ensure we had included everything we could see. We then used watercolours to create the background and added our sketches to these to create a two toned picture. All of our pictures are brilliant and are now on display in our classroom.

As part of our homework we were set the challenge of turning a show box into a room from the Titanic. We were given rooms to create such as a first class cabin, 3rd class promenade, 2nd class bedroom etc. We were asked to think about using recycling to create our rooms and think carefully about how we could recreate the rooms similar to those on the ship. We did a brilliant job and some of the results we produced were simply amazing. These are now going to be displayed in the hall to create our own Titanic ship. Please come and have a look at our masterpiece.