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We have all been totally immersed in our toy topic this half term.  We used some lovely stories to inspire our learning, including Old Bear by Jane Hissey.  This story enhanced our 'discovery time' sessions where we have an open ended problem.  The children were great at using their imaginations to find a way to get Old Bear down from the attic. They then created their ideas using construction and junk modelling. The children loved to share their finished products with their friends. Similarly, Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper is a story about a lost favourite toy.  We once again used our imaginations to create a fantasy creature that could help Tatty Ratty find its way home.

Toys - Old & New

We were very lucky to have a box of historical toys to look at, provided by Hampshire History Service. This gave us an opportunity to compare toys that we play with today with those that children played with in the past.  The old doll and train set were sources of particular fascination! This led us on to a discussion about the materials that are used to make toys now and in the past.  We discovered that there were some similarities and differences.  It was interesting to look at, describe and touch various materials. We then decided which material we could use to make a new teddy bear and a toy boat.  The discussion was interesting and we could all talk about our choices.  Scientists already in the making!  A further investigation was to look at how toys move.  We discovered that there are many ways including pushing, pulling, clockwork and air to name a few. Our moving toy pictures helped us to improve our fine motor skills too.


A particular highlight of this half term was Sam's birthday.  Our class mascot had his very own party to celebrate his birthday.  We brought our teddies to school, decorated the classroom and played party games.  Sam even had to blow his candles out!  This was the children's way of expressing how they celebrate their own birthdays before we moved onto the Christmas Story. Our Christmas production of 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel' was delightful and it was obvious we all enjoyed our performances.  We all worked really hard to learn the songs and all played our part to make the play a great success. Well done everyone! Our final celebration was our Christmas lunch and party. We all enjoyed pulling crackers, wearing party hats and eating together whilst festive music played.