Dear parents and carers,

I am absolutely delighted to welcome you to our fantastic school.  

Any school is a sum of its parts – and the elements which make up Buryfields are all wonderful.

First and foremost, our pupils are a delight – you could not wish to meet a more co-operative, respectful and kind bunch of children! They are joyfully enthusiastic learners, who show a willingness to try new things and take risks, demonstrating our core teaching values of resilience, perseverance and a healthy attitude towards making mistakes. 

The teaching and support staff are unremitting in their drive to secure the best outcomes for each and every child.  At Buryfields every child is an individual and we are uncompromising and unabashedly passionate about ensuring that each child achieves, regardless of their starting points or how long they might be with us.  As our data and outcomes show, we are a successful school but are far from being complacent; we are constantly seeking ways to improve and refine our practice and we embrace new challenges and ideas such as our brilliant STEAM projects.  Whilst our maths and English are in line with and above national averages, our curriculum is ‘rich, wide-ranging and exciting’ (Ofsted report, February 2018).

Our governors play a key role in ensuring that the school is constantly striving to be the best we can be, and we have a set of hugely knowledgeable, committed and skilled people to act as our ‘critical friends’. 

Our parent body is extremely supportive – both in terms of supporting us to ensure the academic and personal progress of the children, and in their unflagging support of our tireless PTA who raise much-appreciated funds for school projects and events. We are very lucky have such a lovely physical environment in which to teach; it is a beautiful building and the grounds are spacious and used imaginatively and productively.

We are very proud to serve the local RAF base; about 40% of our children are the children of military personnel and we have a great deal of experience in dealing with the higher than average number of mid-year arrivals and departures that this causes.  More information about our provision for service children can be found under ‘Parent Information’, where there is a whole section for service families.

A website can only go so far to convey the spirit and feel of a place and I would urge you to come and visit us to see how special a school we are for yourselves.


Lauren English