Buryfields Infant School FAQ

What is the procedure at the beginning of the school day?

You may enter the school playground from 8.40 a.m. every morning, when a member of staff will open the main gate, please do not enter before this time. This gives a period during which children may arrive in their class, from 8.40 a.m. to 8.50 a.m. The teacher will be there to greet and supervise the children as they wait for the school day to begin. Please note that teachers are not able to engage in conversation with parents at this time other than to take any short messages as they will be preparing for the day ahead. If you need to speak at length please arrange to call in after school or send a written message with your child.

If you arrive later than 8:50 a.m. Please enter the school via the front door and sign your child into the late book in the school office, registration closes at 9 a.m.

What is the procedure at the end of the school day?

Parents/carers may enter the school grounds at 3 p.m. and wait outside their child’s external classroom door in time for school finishing at 3.05 p.m. Please ensure that your child’s class teacher is made aware of any changes to who is collecting your child. If you know you are going to arrive late to collect your child, please telephone the school office if you can.

Please ensure that we have been informed in writing or by a telephone call to the office if you wish to nominate another parent to collect your child at the end of the day. We will not allow children to leave the classroom without a nominated adult.


Parking is extremely limited so, where possible, we would encourage you to walk to school with your child. If you do drive please park with consideration for our neighbours and other parents and let us know if you witness any problems.

Can children play on the outdoor play equipment before and after school?

We are very fortunate to have such wonderful outdoor play equipment for the children to enjoy during playtimes. However we must stipulate that children are not permitted to play on these pieces of equipment either before or after school.

Can I walk my dog to school?

All Hampshire Schools have a 'No dogs on site' rule on health and safety grounds and, on the advice of our legal department, we also need parents to be aware that they must NOT leave unsupervised dogs tethered to the school fence.

Parents who do walk their dogs to school usually help each other with supervision of their pets thus ensuring that children and their parents are able to access the school site confidently and safely.

Where do you keep any lost property?

Firstly please label all of your child’s clothing, including their shoes and coats. If your child does lose an item then please come in and have a look through our lost property box which is kept in our medical room. This box is emptied at the end of every half term and the contents disposed of.

Packed Lunch or Hot school Dinners?

From September 2014 all infant school children are entitled to free school meals as part of the Government’s Universal Free School Meal Initiative. If your child brings a packed lunch to school please ensure that their lunch box is clearly named on the outside and they have any cutlery necessary.

Buryfields Infant School has a No Nut Policy (due to severe, life threatening, allergies). Our policy extends to items that contain nuts such as some chocolate spreads and cereal bars. Please check that all products in lunch boxes are nut free.

If under the previous system you would have been entitled to free school meals, please continue to notify us as the school receives extra funding based on this information that can be used to support pupils in our school.

Staff Car Park

Please ensure that this area remains a safe place by adhering to the following:

The main gates are only for vehicle use. All pedestrians and bicycle users should use the pedestrian gate - please dismount from bicycles before you enter the school grounds. The blue railings provide a safe passage round to the back of the school; do not walk across the car park at any time. Please use the pedestrian crossing to gain access to and from the bike and scooter racks.

Please follow these rules and be a good role model for all the children.

How do I find out what is going on in school?

Our school website is www.buryfields.hants.sch.uk and it contains a wealth of information. It is particularly useful to find out details of special events and for when we need to post information regarding school closure during periods of adverse weather - information is posted from 8am on such days. All our newsletters are downloadable from our website.

The school produces a newsletter every other week and as well as posting these on our website we e-mail them to every parent. Paper copies of the newsletter are available from the school office for families who are unable access email communication.

We also use a ‘text to parents’ service to keep parents informed.

Please ensure that you have informed us of your current e-mail address and mobile number and keep us informed of any changes.

How can I pay for items at school?

Payments may be made by cash, cheque or on-line payment. On-line payments: To be able to pay on-line, parents need to register with Tucasi on www.scopay.com/buryfields-inf. Uniform can be purchased on-line from Marks and Spencer. You will find a link on our website.

Cheque payments: Cheques should be made payable ‘Hampshire County Council’, the exception to this rule is where payment is made for an event organised by the PTA, in these instances you will be reminded to make payments to Buryfields PTA.

Please ensure that all payments by cheque or cash are sent to school in a clearly marked envelope. We like to encourage children to be independent and as such we ask that all letters and payments (in an envelope) are given to your child to hand to their class teacher, who will ensure that they reach the office. Please ensure that you receive a receipt for any monies that you pay in to school. If you do not receive a receipt please enquire at the school office.

Can my child leave a bicycle at school?

Children are encouraged to cycle to school and after applying for a cycle permit (available from the school office), may leave their bicycle at school in the designated cycle rack. Please ensure that their bicycle is locked as we can not take responsibility for personnel belongings left on the premises.

My child is poorly - do I need to inform the school?

If you are required to collect your child early from school please ensure that you sign him/her out in the book, in the school office.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school please telephone to inform us as soon as possible. The school operates an answer-phone system outside of office hours. Telephone: 01256 702667. If you child has suffered from sickness and/or diarrhoea, please keep them away from school for 48 hours to avoid passing any bugs to other children.

What does my child need to bring to school?

  • Your child must bring a coat/waterproof to school every day as we try to give children outside play time as much as possible.
  • Your child needs a P.E. kit in a draw string bag, comprising of a pair of ‘above the knee’ royal blue shorts and a white short sleeved t-shirt. Trainers are also required all year round but from January in Year R. Track suit tops / bottoms should be sent in during the colder months so that the children can enjoy PE outside as often as possible. Please provide these in navy blue.
  • A water bottle to enable them to always have access to a drink. Please ensure that it only contains water and not squash.
  • A book bag (We do not have space to store rucksacks).
    Book and kit bags are available from M&S.

We ask you not to send your child to school wearing jewellery. If your child has pierced ears they should not wear earrings during PE or games.

How can I get involved in school life?

We are delighted to welcome parents as voluntary helpers in school. In order to do this you will need to complete a DBS check and will need to agree to the code of conduct / confidentiality expectations issued as part of the volunteer helper guidance, available from the school office.

We also encourage parents to get involved with our PTA (Friends of Buryfields Infant School) who do a fantastic job to raise further funding to support the school in providing an exciting and enriching curriculum experience and learning environment for the children.

The PTA meets each half term and involvement can be regular or occasional. Every little helps! It is also a great opportunity to socialise and make new friends amongst the parent body. All are very welcome!

Please remember that we are always happy to see you, so please do call in to the office or make an appointment to see your child’s teacher or the head teacher at your convenience.