Introduction to the Governing Body

Why do we have a Governing Body?

The volunteers who form the Governing Body all have one thing in common: a desire to help give children the highest possible standard of education.

Governing Bodies act corporately and are collectively responsible for the following aspects of school life:

  • The clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction;
  • Monitoring and challenging the performance of the school;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school, ensuring money is well spent.

Our principal purpose is to both support and challenge the school. We are appointed to provide:

  • Strong links between the school and the community it serves
  • A wide range of skills and experience from the outside world
  • An independent view
  • A visible form of accountability for the Headteacher and staff of the school
  • Accountability to the community for the use of resources and the standards of teaching and learning in the school
  • Support for the Headteacher and staff

Whilst the Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, the Governing Body:

  • Employs the Headteacher and others to carry out the work of the school
  • Agrees policies and practice which allow the Headteacher the necessary tools to carry out her responsibilities
  • Agrees principles and targets for improvement
  • Receives and discusses reports on progress and the performance of the school
  • Actively monitors the impact of learning on the children
  • Reviews its own working practices
  • Should ensure that the school profile is updated annually to keep parents informed of the school's progress

Decisions of the Governing Body are made in formal meetings, either within the full Governing Body, or in committees, which at Buryfields consist of:

  • Resources and Premises
    • Responsible for finance and personnel
    • Maintaining and expanding IT in school
    • Long-term development plans for premises and grounds 
    • All aspects of health and safety

  • Curriculum and Standards 
    • Oversees the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum 
    • Focus on safeguarding
    • Monitors progress and performance
    • Promotes high standards of quality and learning

The committees carry out tasks specifically delegated to them by the Governing Body and report back to the Governing Body.

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