A message from the Chair

We firmly believe that every child deserves the very best start in life and have high aspirations for all.

We have three core aims which are:

  1. To challenge and motivate each and every child
  2. To continue to raise standards and achievement levels
  3. To ensure that the needs of every child are met appropriately.

At the core of this is the establishment of consistently high quality teaching, learning and leadership across the school.

Our most recent Ofsted report (May 2013) noted that:

  • Pupils make good progress and achieve well, particularly in reading and writing
  • Pupils are happy at school. They feel safe and well cared for and behave well
  • The quality of teaching is consistently good and some is outstanding
  • Pupils enjoy their lessons and appreciate the support they get from teachers and other adults
  • The school is led and managed well. The Headteacher is an excellent role model
  • Senior leaders have been effective in maintaining the good quality of teaching since the previous inspection and have secured some further improvements, both in the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement.

Even more progress has been made since then and our self-evaluation indicates that we are moving towards outstanding, although the bar has been raised.  Our Local Authority Inspector has also indicated that outstanding is where we should be aiming.

The four key areas of development for 2015/17 are as follows:

  1. Achieving excellence in English in the new National and School Curriculum
  2. Developing mastery and depth of understanding in mathematics in the new National and School Curriculum
  3. Embedding high quality Assessment for Learning within the new National and School Curriculum
  4. Enhancing provision for Personal Development and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development in the School Curriculum.

A continuous item on our Governing Body agenda is improving the environment for the children to ensure it remains safe and secure, so that the children feel protected, happy and healthy. We embed the principles of equality and diversity in everything we do in order to end discrimination and promote harmony not just in school, but also in the local community and the wider world. We recruit new Governors based on skills and welcome applications from ethnic groups and people with impairments.

If there are any issues or suggestions that you would like to discuss with the Governors, we would be more than happy to hear from you - please approach us in person, or via the School Reception.

Jeanne Liddiard