Buryfields Flyers

All Service children are invited to join our Buryfields Flyers Club, run by one of our ELSAs, Mrs Wrightson.  Attendance of the club is run on a rota basis, and the children attend on Fridays for 6 weeks.  The children have an opportunity to speak with others about a variety of topics, such as what it is like to have a parent or carer in the forces, what countries and places they have lived in and what it is like to move school. In the last session, the children have the opportunity to invite a non-service friend along, so that they can  begin to get an understanding of what life as a service child is like.

All new Service children receive a letter inviting them to put down their name to come along to Flyers; if you have lost the letter or are not sure your child is on the list, just speak with a member of the office team who will be able to help.

Playing games is an important part of the club - from parachute games to 'Raccoon Circles'.  The games enable the children to get to know each other, practise their teamwork skills and simply have a giggle.

Depending on the time of year or on current events, the children make crafts such as their poppies for Armistice Day.