Design Technology (DT)


At Buryfields Infant School Design Technology (DT) is taught as a creative and imaginative subject in which children are encouraged to take risks and 'have a go' in order to solve real and relevant problems. We aim to develop knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of DT and design and to develop the pupils’ ability to observe, learn and record from the world about them. Children will use a variety of materials, tools and processes, including ICT, safely, experimentally and with increasing confidence, technical control and skills. Children also have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and to prepare simple dishes. 

We aim to develop the ability to recognise different kinds of craft and design and why and how they are different. Through a cross-curricular approach we encourage pupils to develop their own ideas, working with increasing independence and skill.


DT is theme specific and makes the most of cross-curricular links to other subjects to make it more meaningful for the children. We plan engaging and challenging projects, each taking half a term to complete, with a focus on the acquisition of subject knowledge and a progression of skills. Where relevant, additional opportunities such as cooking, are also planned in throughout the year.