At Buryfields Infant School we strive to enable high quality Geography Education which will inspire in the pupils a fascination about the world and all the people that live within it.

During their learning within EYFS and Key Stage 1 the children will gain an understanding of the world and gradually deepen their awareness of how the physical and the human elements of the world interact.

The children will be encouraged to develop their locational knowledge, their sense of place in the world, how people live and interact within the physical shape of the world and their Geography field work skills.


Within the EYFS  Geography it is taught through understanding their place in the world throughout a variety of topics within the year.

Geography is focused on at three points within the year in KS1. Each focus time there is a key factor; which may be the children’s local area, a Non European locality, a study of the physical features of the land around them or a contrast between hot and cold climates. Within all these studies it will always be related back to features and information that the children can relate to from their own local area. This is vital as it then has meaning for the children. It uses previous knowledge, so building on what the children know and are familiar with, thereby enabling progression from EYFS to Y2.

‘Pop Up Topics’ can occur at other points in the year in addition to the three main focus areas. If something is occurring that week in the world, for example a weather storm or volcano eruption, it is relevant to bring the children’s attention to it through newspapers or reports. So leading to a worthwhile week of learning!