• At Buryfields we aim to provide all the children with the opportunity to enjoy and experiment with music: 
    • Our children develop the skills to share music with others and thoroughly enjoy music for themselves.
    • Music is an inspiring and powerful way to communicate with others


  • Within music lessons children learn to sing many songs and appreciate music from many different cultures and historical times.
  • Throughout the Infant School within Early Years and Key Stage One music is taught for half an hour each week as a specific lesson.  This gives the children the opportunity to compose their own music using a range of percussion instruments.  In addition to this lesson, each week, music permeates throughout the classes with various opportunities to sing a mixture of songs and play a variety of instruments.
  • The planning for music is based on the National Curriculum Level Descriptors and QCA schemes of work which, put together, lead to a clear progression for Early Years and Key Stage One.


  • Each week the whole school practice songs together which are linked to seasonal events, there is also a school choir club.
  • The children have the opportunity to use music with dance at a local music festival within the school year, they also perform within the local church during the year for a selection of festivals.
  • In the Summer Term Year Two children entertain their parents and grandparents with dancing and a variety of songs.
  • Throughout the year all the classes within the school have the chance to perform using music within class assemblies and year plays.


  • As a school we have invited “Rock-Steady” to provide the opportunity for the children to learn an instrument in the coming school year.