A Buryfields Curriculum

At Buryfields we are hugely proud of the curriculum we provide for our pupils. It is rich, wide-ranging and responsive to the needs and interests of the unique set of children we are teaching now. We of course follow the National Curriculum Programmes of Study but these account for only part of what we teach every week, every term and every year. 

We carefully plan all curriculum areas to ensure teaching and learning is well-structured, building on previous knowledge in an appropriately scaffolded way, whilst challenging children to achieve their best. However, for us it is also crucial that learning should be engaging and exciting, and above all fun.  We believe that learning should take place in and out of the classroom, in our amazing grounds as well as on visits to the village and further afield.  We also believe that, as fantastic as our teachers are, the children have much to learn and gain from others and we have built many great working relationships with people in our community, such as the padres, curates and vicars, local residents from the RAF, the alms houses and historical societies, to artists, musicians and performers who have skill sets we can only dream of!

This autumn term sees us in the midst of the process of rethinking our core values and learning attributes, working closely as a staff and with the children to ensure that they reflect the school that we are and the ethos and beliefs that are demonstrated day in and day out at Buryfields. Staff and governors are hugely proud that our new school core values reflect what we aim for our children to be whilst they are in our care and as lifelong qualities, and they are:

Be kind. Be confident. Love learning.

In the coming months we are looking forward to working with the children to unpick each of these values and decide on our ‘Learning Powers’ – skills, attributes and attitudes that will ensure that all children are kind, confident and engaged learners.  We will update this page in spring 2019 to share what these will be - watch this space!