Minutes from the meeting held 16th November 2017 - purple pens and recycling

Date: 17th November 2017

Time: 1.30pm

Location: Staff room

In Attendance: Miss English, Coralie, Luca, Alfie, Emily, Ethan M, Megan, Dani, D’Arcy, Ethan J, Grace, Georgia, Daniel, Ewan, Rebecca, Charlie

Apologies: Oscar

Agenda item:

  1. Friendbot posters – we worked in groups to decide which our favourite posters were from each class.  This was a good exercise in negotiation and compromise!  The posters are going to be displayed in the corridor.
  2. Purple pen discussion – Miss English talked about the reasons for using purple pens in KS1. These included being able to show when the children have improved something and to show when they have responded to feedback from the teacher. We voted and 12 children were in favour of trying them. Some children weren’t sure about the different colour because it would make mistakes more obvious but Miss English and Mrs Jennings said that we like mistakes as long as we learn from them.
  3. Recycling – we had a good discussion about where paper comes from and why we should recycle it.  The councillors went to their classrooms to find out if they had a recycling bin and only Hazel class definitely did.  Apple might have done but Rebecca wasn’t sure which one it was.  We agreed that we should start recycling and people came up with lots of ideas about what we should do to make it really clear which bin was for paper.  Ethan J suggested splitting up the bins, Ewan suggested painting the bins a different colour, Rebecca said we would label them and Ethan M suggested making posters for the bins.

Required Action:

  • Speak with Mrs Hayward about ordering purple pens (Miss E)
  • Find out whether each class has two bins (Year 2)
  • Design posters/signs and inform rest of school about recycling, including cleaners (all)


Any Other Business:


Time and date of next meeting: TBC.